Current Research Positions

Researcher General Area of Research Hours per week
Paul Bonvallet Chemistry 40
Angie Bos Political leaders, gender and politics, children's media 40
Nicholas Brandley Biology 20-25
Álvaro Corral Political Science 40
Karl Feierabend Chemistry 40
Dean Fraga Evolutionary biochemistry and molecular evolution 40
Tim Freeze Musicology 40
Leah Gaines History, Africana Studies, Sociology, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, etc. 20-25
Erum Haider Energy, political economy 20-25
Jennifer Hayward Digital Humanities, Latin American Studies, History of Journalism 40
Katie Holt
Latin American & Latinx History 40
Jennifer Ison and Matt Mariola Pollinator monitoring and site management 25
Seth Kelly Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology  40
Robert Kelvey Graph Theory & Combinatorial Games 40
Bhakti Mamtora Religious Studies; South Asian Studies; Digital Religion; Hindu Traditions 20-25
Michael Miyawaki Race and Ethnicity, Mixed Race, Part-Latinx Identity 20
Margaret Ng Aromatics in Chinese Medicine 20-25
Greg Shaya History and Digital Humanities 20
Mark Snider Biochemistry 40
Sarah Sobeck Chemistry, Conservation Science 40
Stephanie Strand Microbiology 40
Rujie Wang Chinese cinema and fiction as aesthetic spaces in which to think of human rights and reinvent cultural identity 20-25