Current Research Positions

The student application deadline for Summer 2019 is midnight on Friday, March 1.

Applications will require a current resume.  Plan to come to a Walk In Wednesday in APEX from 1:30 - 4:00 (no appointment needed) to polish your resume.

In addition to your resume the application asks you to write one to two paragraphs for each of these prompts. Please have these ready before beginning the application as you may only submit ONE application!

  1. Describe the specific objectives you hope to gain from your first choice research experience.
  2. What strengths (academic and non-academic) do you bring to this project that will contribute to its success?

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2019 Summer Research Openings

Professor General Area of Research Dates
Professor Brandley Vision and Behavior of Band-winged Grasshoppers June 24 - August 16 
Professor Burch Digital Humanities: Madeleine de Scudery June 3 -  August 2 
Professor Faust Environmental Chemistry / Materials Chemistry (.pdf) Late May - Late July 
Professor Freeze Gershwin's I Got Rhythm Variations (.pdf) May 15 -
July 19
Professor Ison Quantifying how native solitary bee species contribute to the total fitness of a threatened prairie plant (.pdf) June 3 -
July 26 
Professor Leary Encoding a memory in the spatially varying polarization structure of photons (.pdf) May 20 - 
July 12
Professor Lehman Granular Materials and Criticality: Predicting Earthquakes and Avalanches (.pdf) May 20 - 
July 12
Professors Lehtinen and Carlson Evolution and Genetics of Melanism in Tree Squirrels (.pdf) May 20 - 
July 12
Professor Lindner Building a Strange Nonchaotic Pendulum (.pdf) May 20 - 
July 26
Professor Moreno Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture (.pdf) June 3 - 
July 29
Professor Snider Biochemical Mechanisms of NHAC Degradation (.pdf) May 13 - 
July 5
Professor Sommer Testing an Electronic Music Application (.pdf) May 14 - 
June 4 
Professor West Biochemistry of Protein Oxidation and Reduction (.pdf) May 14 - 
July 5