English Language Learning Program


847 College Ave.

Wooster, OH 44691

Phone: 330-263-2322

Fax: 330-263-2621


Support is offered through the following programs:

Wooster International Immersion Seminar (WIIS)

Students whose most recent TOEFL score is below 95 or whose IELTS score is below 7 are encouraged to register for the Wooster International Immersion Seminar (WIIS), which takes place two weeks before International Student Orientation. If these scores are not available, students must contact Carla Reyes for English language assessment instructions. Students with test scores above 95 may also apply to the WIIS and will be admitted to the program if space is available.

The WIIS is an intensive course that is worth 0.5 credits and that prepares students for the use of English in their academic work, as well as in their use of English as a social language both on campus and in the community. Students also participate in trips and activities around the area, move into their residence halls early, and form friendships that give them a network of support as they start their new lives at COW!

Read more about the WIIS and to register for the program.

Global Engagement Seminar (GES)

Utilizing writing skills learned in the English Engagement Seminar, GES is a class for both international and American students. Students will discuss “hot topics” in American culture and explore themes from global perspectives. 

ELL Writing Studio and ELL Writing Studio II

This 0.25 credit workshop-style course is offered in the fall. Students learn the conventions of the English academic writing style and focus on refining rhetorical organization and persuasiveness, as well as mechanical correctness. Writing Studio is designed to correlate with First Year Seminar and other fall courses, so that students use and improve the writing assignments they are already doing during Studio class time.

ELL Writing Studio II, offered in the spring semester, builds on the writing foundations covered in the fall class with an added focus on style and accuracy. It is also a workshop course worth a quarter-credit, and students have the opportunity to use and improve upon spring semester writing assignments in the Studio classroom.

Read more about English Language Leaning assistance.

Peer Mentor Pairing

Imagine having that one, experienced student who you can ask any question of! Students in the ELLP are paired with experienced students in the fall semester who are available for students to consult with on any issue, from how to do well in a particular professor’s course to the best places to eat off of campus! Trained ELL peer tutors are available in the evenings and on weekends for students to come for extra assistance with course assignments or general language improvement.

English Cafe

Once a week, both ELL students and other students on campus get together for an afternoon of sharing games and English conversation. Students love the laid-back atmosphere and opportunity to practice speaking. This is a great way to make friends on campus.

Questions & Concerns

Need more information about English support at The College of Wooster? Please contact Reon Sines-Sheaff, Director of International Admissions, at 330-263-2001 or Carla Reyes, ELL Coordinator, at 330-263-2267.

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