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In Memoriam:

To inform our office of a classmate who has passed, please email us at alumni@wooster.edu.


If you need assistance registering for an event, please call 330-263-2533 and a staff member will guide you.

Advancement Staff

Wayne Webster

Vice President for Advancement

Email: wwebster@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2583

Jenn Stapleton

Assistant to the VP for Advancement/ Budget Manager

Email: jstapleton@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2080

Office Contact Information

Annual Giving

Phone: 330-263-2533

Donor Relations

Phone: 330-263-2080

Major Gifts and Planned Giving

Phone: 330-263-2080

Sponsored Research and Foundation Relations

Phone: 330-263-2080

Parent & Family Giving

Phone: 330-263-2080

Advancement Services

Phone: 330-263-2080

Alumni and Family Engagement

Phone: 330-263-2250

Alumni and Family Engagement

Thomas McArthur

Assistant Vice President for Alumni and Family Engagement
Email: tmcarthur@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2533

Katherine Abrecht

Assistant Director of Advancement Communications
Email: kabrecht@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2025

Sharon Coursey Rice ’90

Associate Director of Alumni and Family Engagement
Email: srice@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2458

Makayla Smith

Assistant Director of Regional Programs
Email: masmith@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2293

Gina Meggysey

Administrative Assistant and Building Manager
Email: gmeggysey@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2676

Kailey Schwallie

Senior Assistant Director of Volunteer Engagement
Email: kschwallie@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2599

Annual Giving

Anna Duke ’15

Director of Annual Giving
Email: aduke@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2529

Quin Brunner

Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Email: qbrunner@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2648

Sonja Pagniano

Assistant Director of Annual Giving – Leadership Giving
Email: spagniano@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2447

Paul Seling ’09

Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Email: pseling@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2676

Donor Communications and Stewardship

Rebecca Schmidt

Director of Donor Communications and Stewardship

Email: rschmidt@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2084

Major Gifts and Planned Giving

Carolyn Ciriegio ’08

Associate Vice President for Development
Email: cciriegio@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2075

Linda Swanson

Director of Prospect Development
Email: lswanson@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2261

Katie Bradshaw ’17

Assistant Director of Planned Giving
Email: kbradshaw@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2390

Mae Evans

Assistant Director, Stewardship, Research, and Reunions
Email: maevans@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2325

Jordan McNickle ’14

Major Gifts Officer
Email: jmcnickle@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2212

Brad Cors

Major Gifts Officer
Email: bcors@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2264

Patrick Nolan

Major Gifts Officer
Email: pnolan@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2697

Amanda Anderson

Director of Reunion Giving
Email: aanderson@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-287-3088

Advancement Services

Pam Stanley

Director of Advancement Services
Email: pstanley@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2236

Emily Rumes

Assistant Director of Advancement Services
Email: erumes@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2649

Brandon Leatherman

Assistant Director of Advancement Services
Email: bleatherman@wooster.edu
Phone: 330-263-2104

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