She grew up in southern Indiana, attended Indiana University and found her way to Western Illinois University to study college student development, starting her on a career working in higher education.  She has a background in residence life and student leadership development; and, has always been interested in learning about other cultures, traveling and having new experiences.   After working with many international students in campus housing situations and attending and organizing cultural events, she decided to change her focus to international education where she is immersed in an environment to learn about different cultures every day.

Having spent time teaching English at a university in Xian, China, Carol developed an interest in how culture influences both teaching and learning.  When people ask her which of the places that she has traveled to has been her favorite, she tells them it is wherever she has been most recently.  The truth being that she has loved every country she has ever visited, coming home with lists of spices and new foods to search for in grocery stores.  When she travels, she likes to go hiking and get out of the tourist areas but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her picture taken at the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, or the Khyber Pass.  And the list of places she wants to visit gets longer with every international student she meets.

She looks forward to being part of the International Student Service staff this coming year