LaToya Rene Robertson, Ph.D. is an author, implicit bias researcher, speaker, businesswoman, and educator.

Dr. Robertson has overcome many struggles as an FGLI student to become a TED Talk Presenter, an accredited television music composer, consultant, educator, 3x author, world traveler, and an implicit bias expert. LaToya has created music for television shows on stations such as NBC, MTV, BET, Entertainment, TBS, and TRUTV, toured internationally, spoken at universities, and published three books.

Robertson’s background is filled with unique and seemingly unrelated experiences; however, each experience perfectly feeds into her ability to effectively educate and consult through connecting the dots not yet obvious to her clients. She has spoken at a TEDx Conference, the NASPA Multicultural Institute, contributed to virtual panels regarding equity, and the Hawai’i International Conference of Education. Her work with universities and private companies has helped to close gaps in inefficient operations, increase retention, and create solutions that engaged with all stakeholders.

Personally, Dr. Robertson strives to be an example proving it’s not how you start but tapping into the inherent motivation that is in all of us to succeed. Professionally, she works relentlessly to help her team reach optimal performance and results.