PhD, University of Connecticut (Economics)

Areas of Interest

I am interested in the effects of institutions, organizations, and contracts on innovation and concentration through methodological tools from network analysis, topic modeling, and computational simulation.

Courses Taught
  • Industrial Organization
  • Theory of the Firm
  • Law and Economics
  • Marketing
  • Principles
  • FYS

“Quantifying risk: LDA models of RFD on performance.” (Working paper)

“The information costs of organization: NLP measures of decision-making capacity.” (Under review)

“The extent of the firm.”(R&R at Journal of Institutional Economics)

“Who owns the market?” (Working paper).

“State and religion over time.” 2018. (with M. Cosgel, T. Miceli, and S. Yildrim). Journal of Comparative Economics

“Discussions and learning outcomes.” 2015. (with O. Harmon and W. Alpert). International Advances in Economic Research.