Marcus Carano

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Akron, Ohio

Why Wooster

Wooster gives each student the opportunity to explore and expand their interests to the fullest extent. Our faculty are passionate about fueling the intellectual and personal growth of students. This attention allows each student to thrive in a supportive community.  

Advice for Applicants

Don’t pursue things just because you think they will look good on an application, and don’t wait until college to take risks and explore new things. If something is genuinely interesting to you, go for it! 

Favorite Wooster Tradition

Bluegrass in the Arch. It showcases the talents of our students and is a great stress relief after a long night in the library.

Favorite Place in Wooster

The Secrest Arboretum at the O.A.R.D.C., and Old Main Café on campus.

Fun Fact About Me

I played on the University of St. Andrews golf team while studying abroad in St. Andrews, Scotland and hold a 3-1-1 record internationally.

Assigned Territory

Works with students from: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, & select schools in Summit County (OH)