Committee History and Information

Committee Charge

The committee is charged to review campus practices and make recommendations for changes in those practices that will reduce harmful effects on the natural environment; reduce energy consumption and employ sustainable energy sources when possible; enhance awareness and experience of the natural world on campus; advance adherence to The Colleges Commitment to Environmental Stewardship.

The committee is required to report to the President and the Cabinet at the end of each semester, and to the faculty at least once a year.

Committee History

In the fall of 2008, the president, faculty, and students endorsed a "Commitment to Environmental Stewardship" to represent the official position of the College. With the adoption of this commitment, the Environmental Task Force has been renamed the Committee for a Sustainable Campus.

The Environmental Task Force (ETF) at the College of Wooster was a committee created in 1990 to oversee the expanding recycling program and to act as a forum for discussion and leadership in environmental policy on campus.

The mission of the ETF is to educate and offer suggestions to the campus community about the environmental aspects of the college's program and its physical plant.

During the 1998-1999 school year ETF held two campus wide "brainstorming sessions" to gauge student opinions. It was the hope that students would tell the ETF what sorts of environmental projects they would like to see here at the College of Wooster. ETF has also hosted visits from our regional Campus Ecology coordinator.

In 2004, the Environmental Task Force was included in the College of Wooster's Strategic Plan for 2004-2008.

In 2006, the newly reconvened ETF concentrated on three general areas: recycling, sustainable buildings, and the use of local foods. In 2007, ETF has also taken on the topics of reducing the Collge's wastestream, reducing energy consumption, and developing an Environmental Studies program.

We invite your questions, comments, and suggestions and hope that you will help us make the College of Wooster a "greener" campus.