Tips for Sustainable Living

  • Turn off lights when leaving your office or classroom
  • Recycle all paper, cans, bottles
  • Use scrap paper rather than fresh paper for notes and memos
  • Print double-sided
  • Think twice before printing copies of electronic messages, etc. Can you read it on your computer instead?
  • Use reuseable containers for coffee and other beverages. You can take your own cup to Old Main, and drink from the water fountain instead of using bottled water.
  • Minimize the use of paper handouts in class.  Syllabi, assignments, etc. can be posted on-line.
  • Consider having students submit their work electronically. If they turn in printed material, encourage them to print double-sided.
  • Print to the high-volume copiers rather than to small laser-printers – it’s more energy-efficient.
  • If you can, walk to work.

Any of these will not only reduce the college’s environmental impact and save the college money; they also serve our educational mission by reminding each other about the environmental threats we face and illustrating the meaning of responsible citizenship.