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Sea Us stands for South East Asia and the United States. SeaUs would like to serve as a bridge across the Pacific Ocean to the College of Wooster, by deepening mutual understandings in different aspects of culture and life. We hope that Wooster students will explore and recognize our shared values, as well as celebrate an appreciation for differences. We also believe that diversity is meaningful and truthful through fostering an environment capable of nourishing groups carrying different values and encouraging them working together.

On campus, collaboration with other student clubs and the academia to organize events that feature distinguishable cultural activities of the South East Asian countries is a constant goal. Our mid-term goal is to work with Wooster institutions like APEX to provide opportunities for students to investigate South East Asia through summer programs, volunteer opportunities and internships. By forming networks, we will be a reliable information resource about South East Asia. As a long-term goal, we want to be financially self-sufficient and establish a network of student-help-student and form relations with alumni from South East Asia to assist any Wooster students traveling to the area.

Spring 2013 Events Agenda: Series of SeaUs Talks on Immigration; Folkgames Festival; Language Assistants Farewell Party

Contact Information

President: Myo Paing Han

Vice President: Remi Katayama

Treasurer: Nao Deguchi

Secretary: Pyae Thein

Advisor: Setsuko Matsuzawa

Website: SEA US Facebook Page