No Questions Asked

Student Activities

Lowry Center

1189 Beall Ave.

Wooster, OH 44691

Phone: 330-263-2062

No Questions Asked is a no pressure, no performance, no try-out improv comedy group. Inspired by the improv group Don't Throw Shoes, we have started a group that people can join, practice, and enjoy playing improv games without the pressure of performing or the fear of not making the performance squad. We play games such as Park Bench, What Are You Doing, Freeze, Emotional Carpool, and many many more... We encourage people to come as often as they can and stay for as long as they can. If homework or other engagements keep you from a meeting there is no need to explain, Academics come first. We are a big believer in study breaks however, and strongly suggest coming over for a study break.