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Quidditch is the sport from Harry Potter, first adapted for muggles by Middlebury in 2006. Now it is a sport played worldwide, incorporating fourteen people and four balls into a game that combines dodgeball, handball, rugby, basketball, and more. The College of Wooster's quidditch team-founded in early 2012 by Ainslee Robson '15, Adair Creach, and Blair Heidkamp '15-plays in the Midwest Region of the United States Quidditch Association, or USQ. We play against teams such as Ohio State and Miami University in games and tournaments from September through April, ending the season with a USQ hosted national championship, The Quidditch Cup. A co-ed, full contact, and complicated sport, quidditch breaks gender barriers, builds friendships, and creates leaders while integrating real athletics and fun into the busy college life.


President: Nathaniel Davis

Treasurer: Morgan Barnett

Team Manager: Cyrus Helen

Practice Leader: Andrew Scherson

Practice Leader: Brandon Borges

Social Chair: Shoshana Troen-Krasnow

Advisor: Joan Friedman

Website: Quidditch Facebook Page