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Living Wage

We are a group dedicated to advancing the philosophy and promoting the implementation of a living wage for all staff at the College of Wooster, both salaried and unsalaried. We believe that all persons should receive just compensation for their work that sufficiently covers their basic needs and that of their household's without relying on outside assistance and without having to work more than one full-time job. Among basic needs, we include housing, food, utilities (e.g. water, electricity, natural gas, waste disposal, and a telephone), clothing, personal hygiene products, health care, and transportation. A living wage should be implemented without a reduction in hourly staff and/or a reduction in hours of workers (i.e. no worker unwillingly moved from full-time to part-time). Referring to data from the MIT Living Wage Calculator, we have decided to fight for a wage floor of $15 per hour wage floor as a reasonable compromise between different family configurations and to complement the national movement.

As students, we realize that all staff are integral members of our community, without whom we could not function. As members of the College of Wooster community, we students have the responsibility and the obligation to align our institutional structures with our professed ideals, namely "demonstrat[ing] ethical citizenship and embody[ing] a concern for social justice" (Graduate Qualities, The College of Wooster).

Please feel free to check out our Facebook page as well as our complete philosophy.

Meetings are open to everyone and take place Sundays at 1:00pm in Lowry 119.

Contact Information

Executive Officer: Claire Wineman

Executive Officer: Gabe Melmed

Executive Officer: Keira Wright

Executive Officer: Harry Susalla

Advisor: Professor Evan Riley