Wooster is dedicated to providing opportunities related to sustainability in the classroom. Our Environmental Studies department provides students with the opportunity to choose one of our four Environmental Studies major tracks, or a minor that explores sustainability through an interdisciplinary lens and requires classes in many departments.

Each year, three I.S. students receive the Melissa Schultz I.S. Research Prize in Sustainability and the Environment for exceptional research in those areas. Check out the IS research our recent Environmental Studies 2020 graduates have completed:

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Additionally, many students across the disciplines choose to focus their Independent Study on issues related to the environment and Sustainability. Explore the I.S. Database with keywords like “environment” and “sustainable” to see more of what Wooster students have accomplished in their own research.

You can search the I.S. Database by any of the following criteria: student last name, year of completion, I.S. title, major, advisor last name. Results are sorted by student last name.