Recycling FAQ's

Why should I recycle?

There are countless reasons to recycle, like reducing landfill-caused pollution, the trash-loops in the oceans, and the energy needs of the packaging industry. For the college, recycling disposal costs 3-4 times less than waste disposal. Money saved here can be better spent elsewhere.

What is single stream recycling?

Single stream recycling is a system that allows customers to mix a variety of recyclable items in one bin. At the recycling plant, mechanized devices sort the materials so that you don’t have to. A single stream recycling program is currently in place at COW; as long as you correctly put your recyclables into a recycling container you do not have to sort them (Note: recyclables placed in trash containers will NOT be recycled. In addition, please DO NOT put any trash into a designated recycling container).

Where can I find recycling containers at COW?

Blue recycling containers are marked with the recycling emblem and located throughout interior spaces on campus. Recycling receptacles are also located in exterior spaces throughout campus for your convenience--just look for the blue lids! In addition, feel free to toss your recyclables into the recycling dumpsters marked by a yellow stripe and recycling stickers. Ask your area’s custodian for additional bins where necessary.

What can I recycle at COW?

Here is the list – please see the attached document that show what items on campus are recyclable and what items are not recyclable. 

How do I dispose of batteries?

All batteries may be dropped off at the Service Center Store Room, 580 East Wayne Ave., (Behind the Longbrake Wellness Center) for recycling.  Please tape all the battery terminals prior to dropping off.

  • All sizes of Alkaline dry cell batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, hearing aide, coin batteries, etc)
  • Lead Acid batteries (vehicle, etc)
  • All rechargeable batteries (NiCad, NiMH, Lithium Ion, NiZn, etc) from laptops, cell phones, tools, cameras, radios, etc.

What do I do if I have a fluorescent light bulb?

Fluorescent light bulbs may be dropped off at the Service Center Store Room, 580 East Wayne Ave., (Behind the Longbrake Wellness Center) for recycling.

  • All fluorescent bulbs will have the Hg tag on them. This includes tube and screw in type bulbs
  • LED and incandescent bulbs may be thrown away in the regular trash.

How do I dispose of a computer and/or an electronic device?

See the full list and instructions for reclycling electronic devices.