Kevin Miller

The Identification and Characterization of a Halophilic UvrD Homologue, and its Incorporation into Helicase Dependent Amplification

Student: Kevin Miller Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Minor: Mathematics, Environmental Studies Advisor: Dr. Ben Leslie This presentation is only available to College of […]

Optimizing Crop Rotations and Pest Management Strategies in Agriculture

Student: Madeleine Ferguson Major: Mathematics Minors: Environmental Studies, French Advisor: Dr. John Ramsay The goal of this project is to investigate how operations research […]

A Predictive Model for Coach Firings in NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball

Student: Eli M. Samuelson Major: Mathematics Advisors: Dr. Drew Pasteur, Dr. Marian Frazier Within men’s major college basketball there is a high turnover rate […]

Rebecca Wells

Welcome to the Masquerade: Deception in the Preliminary Job Search Process

Student: Rebecca D. Wells Major: Communication Studies Minor: Music Advisors: Dr. Michelle Johnson, Dr. Melissa Weller This study examined the likelihood that college students […]

Morgan Faldowski

An Investigation of the Counseling Strategies Used by Pediatric Audiologists from the Perspective of Parents of Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Student: Morgan Faldowski Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor: Education Advisors: Donald M. Goldberg, Cara Hammond This study investigated the perspectives of parents of […]

Redemption of the Gàidhealtachd: The Formation of Highlandism from 1745 to 1822

Student: Isaiah Corso-Phinney Major: History Advisor: Jeff Roche, Christina Welsch During the mid-18th century to the early 19th century in Scotland, Highland cultural symbols […]

The Effect of the Status of Women on Sexual Violence Against Women

Student: Emily Davis Major: Political Science Advisors: Dr. Michele Leiby, Dr. Fiacre Bienvenu Sexual violence is an atrocious phenomenon that affects women all over […]

Kaci A. Carpenter

"First the Pain, Then the Rising": Assessing Student Knowledge of Title IX Policies and Procedures at The College of Wooster

Student: Kaci A. Carpenter Major: Communication Studies Minor: Education Advisors: Melissa Weller, Michelle Johnson This independent study examined student’s perceptions of Title IX policies […]

Nicholas Shereikis

Laughing Matters: Late-Night Political Comedy Television & Individual-Level Affective Polarization

Student: Nicholas Shereikis Majors: Political Science, Communication Studies Advisors: Angela Bos, Denise Bostdorff This study considers the effects of consuming late-night political humor on […]

Alysa Tarrant

Understanding Behavioral and Emotional Responses to Frames Used by Animal Rights Organizations in the United States and France

Student: Alysa Tarrant Majors: French and Francophone Studies, Communication Studies Advisors: Marion Duval, Yi Zhu The purpose of this study was to examine how […]

Daphne Letherer

Make Some Noize: Rap as a Form of Political Protest in Russia

Student: Daphne Letherer Majors: Global and International Studies (History), Russian Studies Advisors: Dr. Peter Pozefsky, Dr. Tatiana Filimonova Within the last few years, opposition […]