Social Justice Internships are College-funded summer internships that would otherwise be unpaid or under-paid at predetermined nonprofit partner organizations that address social justice issues

Students will work with partner organizations for a minimum of six weeks (225 hours) or eight weeks (300 hours) with a stipend provided by The College of Wooster and shared compensation from the partner organization. Social justice internships allow students to apply their classroom learning with partner organizations which strive to provide value to the community. Partner organizations along with the students and faculty advisors will set goals and offer feedback for continued improvement.

Benefits to Partner Organizations:

  • Receive quality work from Wooster students with no or low cost to the organization
  • College of Wooster provides some faculty advisor oversight
  • Intern may bring new aptitudes, different perspectives, expertise, comfort with technology and social media, etc.
  • Introduction to Wooster students may lead to full-time employment

Benefits to Students

  • Opportunity to apply classroom knowledge and skills to a real-world work experience and make an impact in the community
  • Gain relevant experience and develop new skills
  • Compensation and course credit
  • Strengthen ties to the community
  • Meet new people and broaden professional and personal networks
Partner With Wooster Students

Great, I’m in! How do I start?

To explore ways to connect, organizations wishing to work with College of Wooster students should contact:

Cathy McConnell
Director, Experiential Learning and Community Engagement