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The Vivian L. Holliday Prize

The Vivian L. Holliday Prize was established in 1999 in honor of Vivian L. Holliday, Dean of the Faculty from 1977-1985 and Aylesworth Professor, Classical Studies, History, and Archeology, emerita, from 1961 until her retirement in 1999. This prize is awarded annually to the senior whose work in Independent Study in history, classical studies, or archaeology has been judged most outstanding.

  • Stephanie Bosch - (Archaeology and Geology) "Lithic Raw Material Procurement at the Prehistoric Wansack Site (36ME61) in Mercer County, Pennsylvania: Evidence for Mobility and Trade Patterns from the Archaic to the Late Prehistoric in Elemental XRF Data"
  • James Torpy 2015. Scared and Mortuary Landscapes in Iron Age Cyprus:  A GIS Analysis
  • Hannah Matulek 2017. "Great Spirits of All Who Lived Before": Exploring the Original People of the Americas Through the Examination of Paleoindian Skeletal Remains

College-wide Honors and Honor Societies

The Dean's List includes students meeting the following criteria during a semester: enrollment for at least four full credits in letter-graded courses, semester grade point average of 3.650 or higher, no final grade of I (Incomplete) or NC (No Credit). Students who demonstrate satisfactory progress in 451 or completion of 452 are eligible for the Dean's List with three courses which are letter-graded.

Departmental Honors are awarded at graduation to students who meet the following standards: (1) a grade of "H" on the Senior I.S. Thesis or unanimous vote of the department; (2) an average of 3.5 in all courses taken in the major department; (3) an overall average of 3.2 for four years at Wooster.

Latin Honors, first awarded in 1998, are awarded at graduation based on overall grade point average in Wooster-graded courses: summa cum laude for 3.900 or 4.000; magna cum laude for 3.750 to 3.899; and cum laude for 3.500 to 3.749. To graduate summa cum laude, a student must receive a grade of "H" on the Senior I.S. Thesis. Latin Honors are not a substitute for Departmental Honors.

Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest national society for the recognition of high scholarship, has a chapter, the Kappa of Ohio, at Wooster. The student membership is made up of those seniors who are first in academic rank, a few being elected at the beginning of the senior year on junior standing, and others at the end of the year.