Independent Study

Independent Study Collage

Senior Independent Study will be the biggest project you'll undertake at Wooster. The College of Wooster curriculum-from the classes you take, to the internships you complete, and the off-campus studies you engage in-will prepare you for this exciting and formative experience. As such, your Senior I.S. is the culmination of the efforts you've made during your college experience to think critically, work independently, and to express yourself effectively.

Art Studio Independent Study

The Independent Study in Art Studio is a creative, individualized program that integrates techniques, artistic concepts, and critiques as a preparatory experience for the senior project. Each student engages in the creation of a body of artwork and independent research which concludes as a one-person exhibition, a written thesis, and an oral examination. The week-long, independent exhibitions are held in the MacKenzie Gallery, Ebert Hall. Work is then selected for a group exhibition in The College of Wooster Art Museum (CWAM).

Explore the recent Art Studio Senior Independent Study projects at the collective portfolio site.

Art History Independent Study

The Art History I.S. consists of a 60-75 page thesis, a proposition sustained by argument and supported by research and documentation which each student will complete as they meet weekly with a faculty I.S advisor. Every student takes responsibility for selecting their own topic and composing their own thesis, providing the opportunity for every individual to further their unique academic, personal, and professional goals Specific information is provided in the Independent Study Guide for Art History Majors.

To get an idea of the diversity of our Art History program, browse a sampling of recent Art History I.S. Projects (.pdf). See the full text of Art History Senior Independent Study and Studio I.S. at the Library's Openworks site.