Pre-Architecture Program

pre-architecture program

An undergraduate B.A. degree from a liberal arts college such as Wooster can provide an excellent foundation for graduate training as a professional architect. Since the built environment both shapes and is shaped by society, an architect needs not only the technical training in design and engineering that would be provided by an advanced degree in architecture but also the broader understanding of history, culture, physical and social sciences, mathematics, and the visual arts that is best attained within the context of a liberal arts education. Moreover, an architect must think and write critically and be able to articulate their vision—another reason a liberal arts B.A. is good career preparation.

Pre-Architecture Advising

Students planning a career in architecture can major in any discipline while completing a four-year B.A. at The College of Wooster. While fulfilling their major and general education requirements, they should plan to take the following recommended courses as preparation for graduate study in architecture. Although Wooster does not offer a major in architecture or pre-professional coursework, the following recommended courses are standard admission pre-requisites for most graduate architecture programs.
Please noteRequirements differ across graduate schools, so it’s good practice to research and to directly contact programs being considered.

  • *one semester of college-level calculus
  • *one semester of college-level physics
  • four or more Studio Art courses (Students can take either four introductory classes in different studio areas, or three introductory studio classes and one upper-level class.
  • one or both of the Architectural History courses (ARTD 22300 and 22400)

*Most graduate architecture schools require one semester each of calculus and physics; however, some programs require two-semesters. It’s in your best interest to check each program’s requirements on their respective website.

While students take these courses in conjunction with the requirements of any major, many students interested in architecture major in Studio Art and take additional art history courses. Most architecture graduate curricula are studio-oriented, and require a visual arts portfolio for admission. The artwork you create in studio classes will form the basis of the portfolio.