Biology is the study of living systems and of the processes, organisms, and environments that have shaped biological diversity on earth.

Students who major in Biology at Wooster embark on a fascinating journey which can take them from the detailed examination of the inner workings of a cell to the complex interactions between species. Biology majors become part of a learning community in which students engage in courses that integrate information from the ever-expanding field of the life sciences, and share that intellectual journey with a broadly-trained group of committed faculty.

Biology students at Wooster work closely with professional biologists who are dedicated and caring teachers as well as active scientists. The biology curriculum provides students with an engaging learning environment, one that fosters a mastery of the biological concepts required for independent and life-long learning. From introductory courses through upper-level classes, students are encouraged to make connections and to build on their skills in experimental design and hypothesis-testing. Small class sizes and investigative laboratory experiences permit faculty to guide student growth and to encourage intellectual creativity. This preparation builds camaraderie and proficiency, and gives students the quality of mind and the laboratory tools to move easily into the Independent Study during their junior and senior years.  

The curriculum in biology is designed to give students a strong background in fundamental concepts of biology at the cellular, organismal, and population levels of biological organization.

Some students have considered a degree in Biology to be ;a stepping stone toward careers in the medical, dental, veterinary and environmental fields.

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