Photo Gallery

The biology department is very active coordinating "hands-on" experiences for its students. Some of those come in the form of real-life experiments in the classroom and others in the form of field trips and off site activities. Some of those activities are highlighted in the following photo galleries.

fern valley

Fern Valley

This wonderful 58-acre tract is a gift to the College from David and Betty Wilkin. David Wilkin is emeritus Professor of French, and he and Betty are long-time friends of both the College and of the natural landscape of Northeast Ohio. View Gallery »

Strock Woods Field Trip

Strock Woods Field Trip

Wooster Biology students experience numerous "hands-on" activities while in the Strock Woods. View Gallery »


Research in Trinidad & Tobago

"Wooster In" program paid off as biology students from the College of Wooster experienced a three-week hands-on tropical field biology course on the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago. View Gallery »

Strock Woods Field Trip

Smokey Mountains Field Trip

The College of Wooster Biology students get a chance to "experience the great outdoors" while perusing the Smokey Mountains! View Gallery »