Life Sciences Seminar Series

Date   Description Speaker(s) Time Location Host
08/27/19 TU Safety Training Session I Nate Hoam 11AM Freedlander Theater Brandie Ross
08/29/19 TH Safety Training Session II Kristin Feierabend, Courtney McCusker 11AM Freedlander Theater Brandie Ross
09/05/19 TH Departmental Seminar:
Meet our New Faculty
Hilary Edgington, Tim Fray 11AM Lean Lecture Hall Nick Brandley
09/19/19 TH Departmental Seminar:
Predators, Plants & Pathogens:  Oh My!
Elizabeth Long, Purdue University 11AM RWW 060 Carlo Moreno
10/03/19 TH Departmental Seminar:
Identifying the mechanisms that regulate membrane curvature during cell-cell fusion in Tetrahymena thermophila.
Sabrice Guerrier, Millsaps College 11AM Lean Lecture Hall Nick Brandley
10/17/19 TH Departmental Seminar:
Using genomics to study the origin of species.
Jelmer Poelstra, Duke University 11AM Lean Lecture Hall Bill Morgan
10/25/19 FR IS Poster Session Senior Bio IS Students 3PM-6PM RWW 140 RWW 145 Nick Brandley
11/07/19 TH Departmental Seminar:
Life, Death & Zombies — Modeling the Mammalian Cell.
Erzsebet Regan, College of Wooster 11AM Lean Lecture Hall Laura Sirot
11/21/19 TH Departmental Seminar:
Amy Zanne, George Washington University 11AM RWW 060 Laura Sirot