International Business

The Modern Languages and Cultures Departments and the Economics Department at the College of Wooster have had a fruitful collaboration since the early 1980s (see Sell, Uber, Wilkin et al, 1991). We believe that understanding multiple cultures, their particular histories, languages, linguistics, and rhetoric are essential and critical to understanding today’s world. We seek to build the capabilities of our students to navigate and operate in complex international and global business institutions. In doing so we hope to build the graduate qualities of integrative and collaborative inquiry and global engagement.

International Business Economics Minor

Students must elect a non-anglophone language/cultural major to complete this minor. First a student must complete all courses required for the major in their language or cultural area studies area of choice. The student will work with their advisors to find language or culture course most relevant to global or international business issues. Students are encouraged to connect language or culture to a business-related issue in their IS thesis.

To obtain the minor, students should take the following courses that build competence in economic and business fundamentals:

  • Economics 101, Economics 110, and Business Economics 119
  • One course from Economics 251, 254, and 350.
  • Two courses from Business Economics 227, 230, 250, 325, 355, 365, and 370.

Faculty Contacts

Contact any of the following advisors to discuss these options further.

Business Economics: Professor Amyaz Moledina and Professor Joe Histen
French: Professor Harry Gamble
German: Professor M. Herrmann
Spanish: Professor Rikki Palmer