Honors & Prizes


Departmental Honors is conferred on students who meet the following criteria:

  1. A grade of Honors on the Senior I.S. thesis or the unanimous vote of the Department
  2. An average of 3.5 in all courses taken in the Department
  3. An overall average of 3.2 for four years at Wooster.

If students earned Honors on their I.S., the Department will automatically consider them for Departmental Honors. If students did not earn a grade of Honors, they may still be considered for Departmental Honors at the end of their last semester at Wooster.  Students earning a grade of Good and who meet criteria (2) and (3) will automatically have their names submitted to the Department by their advisor for consideration of Departmental Honors.  In the Department of Communication, the unanimous vote of the faculty has typically gone to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Department.



The Delbert G. Lean Prize in Speech

The Delbert G. Lean Prize in Speech is awarded annually to the senior Communication major who, in the judgment of the Department of Communication, has contributed most significantly to the program of the Department.

The Emerson Miller Memorial Prize in Speech

The Emerson Miller Memorial Prize in Speech is warded annually at graduation to the senior who is judged by the Department of Communication to have contributed the most to the Department's program during his or her college career.