Independent Study

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Sue Reon Kim gave a digital presentation of her Senior Independent Study "Bringing a Historical Drawing to Life" at the Senior I.S. Symposium

To meet the graduation requirements of The College of Wooster, the major in Computer Science requires a two-course Independent Study (I.S.) project, which culminates in an Independent Study thesis along with an oral presentation describing the thesis.

I.S. is the student's opportunity to do a significant piece of work in an area of personal interest and to expand his or her understanding of computer science. Although the faculty advisor must approve all topics, the student is free to pursue virtually any area of computer science that is of interest. The topic should be challenging, but manageable with the resources and time available. A typical I.S. involves a theoretical investigation of a topic in Computer Science accompanied by a software implementation that illustrates concepts developed in the theoretical investigation. 

Guide to Senior I.S. in Computer Science

2018 Senior I.S. Titles

2018 abstracts

  • Tommy Bacher
    A Study of Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment for Video Game Balance
  • Jianqiu Bai
    Connecting Five Stones: Artificial Intelligence Implementation for Go-moku in Unity (CS and Math)
  • Erik Barroso
    BioScript: A Web Application for Biological Researchers
  • Mary-Hannah Boyer
    Recognizing Sarcasm Using Machine Learning
  • Todd Brockelman
    Interactive Sound Synthesis: Procedurally Generated Audio Based on User Draw Waveforms
  • Nicholas Hagopian-Zirkel
    Analyzing and Solving the Nurse Scheduling Problem (CS and Math)
  • Colby Jeffries
    Sports Analytics with Computer Vision (CS and Math)
  • Thomas Matlak
    Algorithmic Music Composition (CS and Math)
  • Khoa Le Tue Nguyen 
    Pretending to Be Human: An Automated Tool to Writing Mathematical Proofs (CS and Math)
  • Maxwell Taylor
    Logic --> Proof --> REST (CS and Math)
  • Avi Vajpeyi
    Studying Universality with Physics Engines: Accelerating Granular Flow on GPU with Open CL and Cuda (CS and Physics)
  • Zhirui Zhang
    Artificial Intelligence with Reinforcement Learning in First Person Shooter Games (CS and Math)

2017 abstracts (.pdf)

  • Dana Foley
    Monotonic Untangling to Solve the Unknotting Problem (CS and Math)
  • Alex Gould
    Chaos Dynamics in the Rotation of the Small Moons of Pluto (CS and Physics)
  • Alex Iudice
    Clear Communication: Construction and Implementation of Error-Correcting Codes
  • Nan Jiang
    Building a Course Recommender System for The College of Wooster (CS and Math)
  • John O'Neill
    A Machine Learning Approach to Understanding Against Party-line Voting in Congress (CS and Political Science)
  • Avery Rapson
    Grasping the Void: Immersion Tactics Using Gesture Controlled Physics Interaction Systems in Virtual Reality
  • Zach Phillips-Gary
    Are Virtual Things Real? An Investigation into the Nature of Virtual Reality (CS and Philosophy)
  • Lewie Roberts
    Jack In:  An Exploration of Immersion in Virtual Environments
  • Conor Maley
    Evolving Monkeys into Sharks: An Analysis of Daily Fantasy Football Drafting Strategies (CS and Math)
  • Yunjia Zeng
    Modeling Double Major Data and Predicting Organic Chemistry Grade at The College of Wooster (CS and Math)

2016 Senior I.S. Titles 

2016 abstracts (.pdf)

  • Michael Bonadio
    Dynamically Adjusting Video Game Difficulty Using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Pratistha Bhandari
    3D Modeling and Scene Design for Games Using Unreal Engine 4
  • Tyler Catlin
    Predicting Stock Market Directionality Using Twitter and Neural Networks
  • Catherine Eckbold
    Are You Sure You're in the Right Classroom? Researching the Lack of Women in Computer Science
  • Sue Reon Kim
    Bringing Life to a Historical Drawing
  • Jacob London 
     Show Me What I Want: Complexities in Creating an Effective User Interface
  • Torger Miller
    On the Design of Decentralized Anonymity Networks
  • Peter Nelson
    Needles and Haystack: A Computational Approach to Finding Subalgebras of the Symmetric Group
  • Jacob Priest
    Robotic Navigation Using Image Analysis
  • Kinsey Small
    Judging a Book by Its Cover: Web and Mobile Interface Design
  • William Rial
    Veni Vidi Didici: A Video Game for Learning Latin (CS and Classical Studies)
  • Arpan Roy
    Look Alive! Modeling and Animating Facial Expressions of Emotion
  • Michael Sokolich
    An Investigation of the Burning Numbers of Graphs and Trees (CS and Math)
  • Sarah Williams
    From Fantasy to Virtual Reality: An Exploration of Modeling, Rigging and Animating Characters for Video Games
  • Dagmawi Zegeye
    An Exposition of Support Vector Machine Classification with a Purpose-Built GUI for Exploring Some Commonly Used Kernels)

2015 Senior I.S. Titles

2015 abstracts (.pdf)

  • Andrew Hoover
    Conquering Carcassonne (CS and Math)
  • Liang Cheng
    DataLongLegs - Web Application Development for Wooster City Schools
  • Vernon Zidana
    ScotBoard: An Intelligent Rule Based System for Exploration of Student Activities at The College of Wooster
  • Clinton Eriksen
    iDreamer:  Sleep, Dream, Log
  • Douglas Code
    Learning Emotions: A Software Engine for Simulating Realistic Emotion in Artificial Agents 

2014 Senior I.S. Titles

2014 abstracts

  • Michelle Blackwood
    On Designing and Implementing Graphical User Interface for Mild Dementia and Early-Stage Alzheimer's Patients
  • Xiaomeng Ye
    Evolving Lambda-Calculus Functions Using Genetic Programming (CS and Math)
  • Karley Walker
    The Technology of Nature: A 3D Graphic Visualization of Lindenmayer Systems Structures
  • Vanessa Logan
    Worlds as Real as Ours: Image Processing and Differential Photometry of Transiting Exoplanets (CS and Physics
  • Qisheng Li
    Software Development for Wooster City Schools
  • Kazuyki Kyotani
    Twitter Can Predict Stocks
  • Tin Nguyen
    Optimizing Merit Scholarships for Enrollment Management at The College of Wooster (CS and Business Economics)
  • Trevor Pozderac
    Don't Get Boxed In: Connecting the Dots of Game Theory Through Computer Simulations (CS and Math)
  • Norman Chamusah
    Two and Three Dimensional Ising Model Based on Graphical User-Interphase Simulator (CS and Chemistry)

2013 Senior I.S. Titles

2013 Abstracts (.pdf)

  • Spencer Hall
    Optimizing Integer Arithmetic for Public Key Cryptography (CS and Math)
  • Matthew Lambert
    An Agent-based Model of Influenza Within a College Population (CS and Math)
  • Bennjamin Snyder
    Computer Vision: Object Recognition and Human-Computer Interaction

2012 Senior I.S. Titles

2012 Abstracts (.pdf)

  • Micah Caunter
    Procedurally generating everything
  • Trisha Fultz
    Exploring opinion dynamics from a computational science perspective (CS and Math)
  • Yanlong Hu
    Data Mining and its Applications (CS and Math)
  • Atticus Jack
    Mining the Linux source code, an examination of data mining
  • Jason Palevsky
    Computer generated architecture through nature: using swarm intelligence and evolutionary computing to generate 3D models
  • Evan Radkoff
    Topical Web Crawlers (CS and Math)
  • Tristan Vroljik
    Computational profiling and identification of the 3’ untranslated region within Paramecium tetraurela (CS and BCMB)

2011 Senior I.S. Titles

2011 Abstracts (.pdf)

  • Itai Njanji
    Exploring the Branch-and-Cut Algorithm (CS and Math)
  • Robert Taylor
    Selection Pressure on a Selfish Herd: Evolution of Ecological Relationships in an Agent-based Model (CS and Math)
  • Joshua Thomas
    Go with the Lava Flow (CS and Math)

2010 Senior I.S. Titles

2010 Abstracts (.pdf)

  • Elena Fiocca
    Music Genre Recognition: Developing a Tool to Identify Genre Specific Characteristics of a Musical Piece
  • David Mar
    Exploring the Capabilities of the Scribbler Robot as a Teaching Tool for Introductory CS Classes
  • Daniel Norris
    We Didn’t Start the Fire! Applying Swarm Intelligence to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Forest Fire Suppression
  • Max Rafferty
    BitTorrent-Enhanced Distributed Internet Caching: Applying Peer-to-Peer Protocols to Enhance Performance and Scalability of Browser-Accessible Internet Resources

2009 Senior I.S. Titles

2009 Abstracts (.pdf)

  • Andrew Courtney
    Attacking Wireless Network Security
  • Joseph Henrich
    GraffiWii The Wiimote as a Text Entry Device
  • Michael Liberatore
    Real-time Simulation of Deformable Objects: Improving and Extending the Mass-Spring Particle Structure for Modeling the Draping Behavior of Cloth
  • Ellen Wagner
    Secret, Secrets Are So Fun, If They're Not For Everyone (CS and Math)

2008 Senior I.S. Titles

2008 Abstracts (.pdf)

  • Matthew Dominski
    Population Based Incremental Schema Learning
  • Richard Lawrence
    Mobile Robotics: The Study of the Mindstorms Lego NXT Robotics Kit and its Applications in Autonomous Robotics
  • Zachary Patterson
    Improving The Artificial Intelligence Component Of Warcraft II With Genetic Algorithms And Dynamic Scripting With Conditional Weights
  • Joseph Pletcher
    Donald Davidson and Natural Language Processing (CS and Philosophy)
  • Matthew Snively
    Leading the Virtual Orchestra
  • Benjamin Strecker
    Making Monads: Binding to a Specific Type of Computation with a Return to Familiar Themes (CS and Math)
  • David Sullivan
    Implementing Optimizations in the Joeq Virtual Machine
  • Mark Wellons
    Simulating a Charged Spherical Pendulum in Time-Varying Electric and Magnetic Fields (CS and Physics)