All Computer Science I.S. students will meet as a group to give a brief presentation of their work to that point (see timeline below). With the exception of the oral defense and preliminary I.S. meeting, the student will submit a typed document for each item by 4:00 PM on the indicated day. The poster is submitted online following the directions announced by the Dean of Faculty Development. The student will submit the final thesis to the Registrar's office on the indicated day; all other documents will go to the advisor. Advisors will not discuss assignments with students on the day they are due or the day before.

Junior Year Schedule

Attend preliminary Senior I.S. meeting – Department Chair announces time and place of meeting.

Junior Year, Second Semester, Friday of last week of classes – I.S. Preliminary Proposal must be submitted to the Department Chair.

Senior Year Schedule

  • Week 1: Email your advisor a copy of the following table, where the weeks have been replaced by the calendar date of your corresponding meeting day for the indicated week
  • Week 3: Project Abstract
  • Week 6: I.S. Student Meeting where you give a 5-minute presentation of your I.S. topic to your peers and department faculty. Turn in thesis outline and agreement on the chapters to be completed by the end of the semester
  • Week 8: Annotated bibliography
  • Last week of classes Fall Semester: Chapters  and preliminary softwarespecified in above agreement completed
  • Last week before Spring Break: Final Draft
  • End of Spring Break: Final Thesis
  • One Week After Spring Break: Digital Media, Poster, Senior Exit Survey
  • TBA: Oral Defense