East Asian Studies

Kauke Hall

400 East University

Wooster, Ohio 44691

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Hours: 8am to 5pm, M-F; card swipe only on weekends

Major Requirements

East Asian Studies Major information

Consists of eleven courses:

  • CHIN 201:  Intermediate Chinese Level I
  • One elective Chinese course at the 200- or 300-level
  • HIST 234: Traditional China
  • HIST 235: Modern China
  • One of the following courses: HIST 101 (when China-focused), HIST 237, SOC 219, PHIL 230, PHIL 232, or RELS 216
  • HIST 236: Modern Japan
  • RELS 220: Buddhism
  • ANTH 231: Peoples and Cultures of Japan
  • Junior Independent Study: EAST 401
  • Senior Independent Study: EAST 451
  • Senior I.S.Independent Study: EAST 452

Minor Requirements

East Asian Studies Minor information

Consists of six courses:

  • CHIN 201
  • Two of the following courses: a Chinese course at the 200- or 300-level, HIST 101 (when China-focused), 234, 235, 237, SOCI 219, RELS 216
  • Two of the following courses: ANTH 231 (when Japan-focused), HIST 236, RELS 220
  • One of the 200- or 300-level cross-listed courses accepted for EAST credit

Special Notes

  • Off-campus Study: The major and minor in East Asian Studies require the completion of an approved off-campus study program in an East Asian country (usually Japan). Up to three approved transfer credits may count toward the requirements for the major.
  • Students who wish to take the maximum number of courses for this major are encouraged to complete additional courses from the options offered in the major requirements.
  • Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the major or minor.