About the Department

The Department of Education provides opportunities for its teacher candidates to learn and teach within a liberal arts environment that values independence, leadership, inquiry, and tradition. The teacher education program prepares reflective and competent educators for work in classrooms, schools, and a variety of educational communities. The Department recognizes that this preparation is provided in collaboration with all academic programs at Wooster. Throughout the preparation program teacher candidates are immersed in hands-on, one-on-one experiences with classroom teachers, college faculty, and students. The Department emphasizes the importance of effective writing, speaking, and interpersonal skills and strives to encourage its graduates to become educational leaders in a complex and global society.

The Department of Education Mission Statement

The Department of Education brings together engaged, independent thinkers and seeks to prepare future educational leaders who are reflective, socially minded, and influential in a diverse and interdependent global community. We engage motivated students, who value educational inquiry, through a rigorous and dynamic liberal education focused on emerging and progressive teaching and learning, with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking. Through extensive field experiences and dynamic on-campus learning, Wooster teacher candidates are deeply rooted in sound theoretical and pedagogical understanding and distinguish themselves in their ability to ask important questions, research complex issues, solve problems, and communicate new knowledge and insight in both individual and collaborative settings.

It recognizes that this preparation is provided in collaboration with all academic programs at Wooster. Throughout the licensure ­program students are immersed in hands-on, one-on-one ­experiences with classroom teachers and students. Students who complete the Teacher Education program are fully licensed to teach in the state of Ohio. Those who plan to teach elsewhere find that Ohio’s high standards for licensure provide them with a sound preparation for teaching and also allow them to pursue licensure in other states with relative ease.

A hallmark of Wooster’s program is its relationships with area educators and schools and its emphasis on field and clinical experiences. These activities allow teacher candidates to experience the profession first-hand by providing them with opportunities to participate in pre-K-12 classrooms. This weaving of theory and practice promotes on-going professional development and prepares teacher candidates effectively for Student Teaching and future teaching experiences.

Assuming a student-centered focus, the program is designed to provide teacher candidates with knowledge and skills in 21st century learning, instructional planning, implementation, and assessment. In addition, these future educators are encouraged to gain insight into their own teaching style and broaden their understanding of educational systems. Through active learning within the liberal arts tradition, teacher candidates are guided by a student-centered model emphasizing critical inquiry, collaboration, and reflection. These themes guide their work at Wooster and further prepare them for their professional lives in which they will shape knowledge into vision and action.

Students may also choose to seek a minor in the field of education that does not lead to licensure. Many students who are interested in related fields of study choose this option as a means to gain experience working with schools and P-12 students and to develop a better understanding of the broader impact that schools and the field of education have in our society.