Education Major

The Department of Education offers a major in Education which encompasses the option of different fields. These fields include Elementary/Primary Education (grades PreK-5) and Adolescent to Young Adult Education (grades 7-12) in Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Mathematics, Integrated Social Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Earth Science. In addition, the department offers a Multi-Age (PK-12) license in World Languages: Spanish, French or German.

The Education major is completed along with a second major in a chosen content area. Students wishing to major in Elementary/Primary Education (PK-5) may double major in any other major offered by the college. Students interested in middle and high school grade levels will major in Education with a second major in a specified academic discipline appropriate to the associated licensure area. Upon graduation, students following this course of study will have completed a double major and earned an Ohio, initial, four-year Resident Educator teaching license making them fully licensed to teach in the State of Ohio. Many of our graduates successfully transfer their licenses to other states.