Prizes and Scholarships

The English Department regularly recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding writing ability.  More than $3500 is awarded annually in prizes and scholarships.


  • The Thomas D. Clareson Prize for the best English Junior Independent Study paper of the year
  • The Waldo H. Dunn Prize for the best English Senior Independent critical analysis thesis
  • The Vonna Hicks Adrian Poetry Prize for an outstanding body of poetry
  • The Vonna Hicks Adrian Prize for a Critical Essay on Poetry for an original critical analysis of a poem or poems
  • The Ralph L. Kinsey Poetry Award
  • The Academy of American Poets Prize
  • The Donaldson Prize for Fiction
  • The Donaldson Prize for Non-Fiction
  • The Donaldson Prize for the best English Senior Independent Study creative project
  • The Becky DeWine Endowment Fund sponsors a summer internship opportunity in journalism between the junior and senior year
  • The Robert M. Bruce Memorial Scholarship is awarded to the first-year student who has shown the most improvement in writing skills during the first year