Environmental Studies

Issues related to the natural environment grab and demand our attention. Although many of these issues can be studied within a single discipline, environmental problems also require a uniquely interdisciplinary focus to understand the way ecosystems function, how technological advances and human behavior affect fundamental ecological processes, and what political and psychological tactics may be harnessed to address the problem.

The Environmental Studies (ENVS) Program pulls together students and faculty from across the curriculum to explore and understand the nature of environmental processes and the environmental challenges we face.

Interested in environmental topics? Attend our monthly discussion group on the third Friday of every month, at noon in the CoRE. Students, faculty, and staff meet to discuss research, readings, and topics of interest in environmental studies.

The environmental studies office is open to serve as a resource. We invite anyone interested to stop by the office, room 303 Morgan, or the adjoining lounge on the third floor, to update and deepen their environmental knowledge or just hang out. There are current issues of environmental newsletters as well as a small library of reference sources and some information about graduate school opportunities.


Interested in working as an intern? Many exciting internship opportunities are available in Environmental Studies!Learn more.