Film Studies (minor only)

Film Studies

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The minor in Film Studies focuses on film analysis, criticism, theory, history, and the cinematographic elements and techniques that translate human thought to the screen.

Students learn to read, interpret, and construct complex visual and verbal images that reflect a wide range of cinematic works, styles, and movements in order to develop a critical understanding of film’s significance as an art form, a means of literary and cultural expression, and a tool for both entertainment and social change. One of the distinctive features of the interdepartmental minor is the wide range of course offerings on films from different countries and cultures. The program of study also presumes that knowledge in constructing visual and verbal imagery is integral to interpreting it.  Accordingly, a component of the minor focuses on aspects of film/video production or on media studies. The Film Studies minor can play a critical supporting role to the focus of a major and the Senior Independent Study.

Prestigious and Upcoming Film Festivals

The three most prestigious film festivals are commonly regarded to be that of Cannes, Berlin, and Venice; these festivals are sometimes called the "Big Three." North America's most popular festival is the Toronto International Film Festival. Upcoming festivals: October - New York Film Festival; January - Sundance Film Festival; February - Berlin International Film Festival; May - The Cannes International Film Festival. Learn More.