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Film Studies Minor information

One of the distinctive features of the interdepartmental minor is the wide range of course offerings on films from different countries and cultures. As such, the Film Studies minor can play a critical supporting role to the focus of a major and the Senior Independent Study.

The minor in Film Studies consists of six courses, to include Comparative Film Studies (Comparative Literature 236); at least two courses from Category I (Film Criticism, History, and Theory); and at least one course from Category II (Film Writing, Production, and Media Studies). One course from Category III (Study of Film as a Significant Course Component) may also be included.

Category I Courses: Film Criticism, History, and Theory

  • Chinese 223: Chinese Cinema as Translation of Cultures (in English)
  • English 240: The American Film
  • French 253: Topics in Francophone Literature and Society: Francophone Film (in English)
  • German 228: Topics in German Society and Culture: German Film and Society (in English)
  • Russian Studies 220: Russian Culture Through Film (in English)
  • Spanish 280: Hispanic Film (in English)
  • Theatre 249: Indigenous Film

Category II Courses: Film Writing, Production, and Media Studies

  • Art 159: Introduction to Photography
  • Communication 332: Visual Communication
  • Theatre 301: Topics in the Written Text
  • Theatre 302: Topics in the Visual Text
  • Theatre 303: Topics in the Physical Text

Category III Courses: Study of Film as Significant Course Component

  • Africana Studies 244: Cinema of Africa and the African Diaspora
  • Art 360: Contemporary Art
  • Communication 231: Radio, Television, and Film in America
  • Comparative Literature 222: Classical Tradition in Modern Drama, Fiction, and Film
  • English 210: Postcolonial Literature and Film
  • English 230: Literature of the Cold War
  • English 240: Narrative and the Real World
  • English 240: Nineteenth-Century British Novel on Film
  • French 329: Studies in the Twentieth Century: Fiction and Film (in French)
  • History 209: Europe Since 1945: Film and History
  • Religious Studies 264: Religion and Film
  • Theatre 248: Native American Performance