Successful Graduates

High proficiency in French, strong cross-cultural skills, and carefully honed knowledge of the French-speaking world, can serve as excellent preparation for graduate studies in a wide variety of fields, and for careers in areas such as: teaching, diplomacy, international development, journalism, publishing, philanthropy, library science, translation, travel and tourism, international business, banking and finance, and law.

Our graduates are working, or have recently worked:

  • as teachers (all levels)
  • for a prominent museum in London
  • as physicians and medical technicians
  • for the US Department of Energy & Environment
  • as an intelligence analyst with the Department of Homeland Security
  • in the legal profession
  • as the manager of charities for a Major League Baseball team
  • as librarians
  • for UNESCO (in Paris)
  • in marketing
  • as translators
  • as a microbiologist
  • as a senior auditor for a major corporation
  • as a portfolio manager for a major corporation
  • as Peace Corps volunteers
  • as the chief of operations for a community organization in a major US city
  • as a school counselor
  • as archivists
  • as an officer for a Canadian bank
  • for an organization promoting international exchanges
  • as a program coordinator for a major corporation
  • as executive assistants and administrators at universities
  • as a virtual event producer
  • as a grant writer

Each year graduating seniors are selected by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy to participate in the TAPIF program (Teaching Assistant Program in France). Successful applicants spend an academic year as English assistants in French schools of all levels. Recent Wooster graduates have been posted to many different parts of France, including the overseas French departments of Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion. We are very proud of our longstanding relationship with this enriching program!