Experiential Learning

Students in all three pathways will engage in experiential and hands-on learning in their regular coursework. They will also be encouraged, and mentored, to pursue internships with media companies, filmmakers, digital startups etcetera both nearby and abroad (we have begun working with APEX staff to create connections to alumni, employers, off campus programs like the New York Arts program, and opportunities abroad to begin developing opportunities for experiential learning). Global Media and Digital Studies majors will graduate with media and digital skills, including video and podcast creation, website design, and social media communications, that are highly sought by employers. They will be prepared to pursue a variety of career paths, including positions in media organizations, digital startups, business, publishing, new journalism, opinion research, commentary, teaching, and graduate studies.

As with their peers in the Global Media and Film Studies pathways, students who pursue the Digital Studies pathway will learn how and why they should critically engage with digital media and technologies. On the one hand, students will graduate from a program that has challenged them to learn, for example, how websites work and how they can build one for themselves, or how to design video games for virtual environments, or how to program an activist Twitterbot, gaining skills that will serve them well in the marketplace after college. On the other hand, and more to the point, these same students will understand the infrastructures and labor practices that deliver their websites to the world, they will question how the immersiveness of a virtual environment leads to affective responses in users, and they will engage with the nature of activism in the global landscape of social media.

In all pathways, students will combine academic and applied understanding of the relevant media and digital skills. As a result, our students will have the skills needed to drive twenty-first century changes, as well as the knowledge and self-awareness to drive with intention and care.