Off-Campus Study

We strongly encourage all of our students to pursue a semester or a year of off-campus study. Off-campus study gives students the opportunity to see a wider world for themselves and observe the ways in which the past shapes the present while exploring a new culture. In the past, History students have attended programs in Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Nairobi, Tokyo, Barcelona, Galway, and beyond.

If you are planning to study off-campus, please consult with your adviser and the Office of Off-Campus Study. Together, they can help you identify programs and courses that match your interests and needs. You will need to plan ahead. Applications for off-campus study are due early in the spring semester of the year before you study off-campus. For more information, see the Off-Campus Study website.

The History Department has played a very active role in off-campus study. Prof. Hettinger has led students to Siena, Italy for her Wooster-in-Tuscany summer program. Prof. Friedman took a group of students to Israel and Palestine for two weeks over spring break in 2012 as part of her History 228: Israel/Palestine: Histories in Conflict. In the summer of 2012, Prof. Pozefsky led a group to Shillong, India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, for his Wooster-in-India program.