Latin American Studies

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Latin American Studies Minor information

Consists of Six Courses:

  • One of the following courses: HIST 215 or HIST 216
  • SPAN 224
  • One elective taken from Latin American Studies courses in a department other than History or Spanish
  • Three electives taken from Latin American Studies courses

Special Notes

  • Overseas Study: Students must study abroad in an endorsed program in the region. This may be a summer, semester, or year-long program.
  • Students may take either HIST 215 or HIST 216 as a foundational course, although students are encouraged to take both to further their knowledge of regional history.
  • In general, courses from LAST endorsed programs analyzing regional issues will automatically count as elective credit towards the minor.
  • No more than three off-campus courses can be counted toward the minor.
  • Supervised internships, experiential learning opportunities, or research projects awarded credit during the off-campus study term may also be counted towards the LAST minor with approval.
  • Students may count no more than one Spanish elective in English towards the minor.