Off-Campus Study

Study abroad can be a very valuable part of a liberal arts education. If you are a Mathematics or Computer Science major who would like to study off campus, you should begin by talking to your advisor or a professor in the department about your plans. You should also make an appointment with the Director of Off-Campus Study in APEX; 330-263-2221 to discuss the process.

Off-Campus Study Student Profiles

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

The College has direct connections with the overseas program Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. This program is designed for American and Canadian undergraduate mathematics students interested in an overseas study experience which does not hinder their progress toward a degree. Junior mathematics students with a strong mathematics background may spend one semester in Budapest, Hungary. All courses are taught in English by Hungarians, most of whom have spent some time teaching in the U.S. or Canada. Most financial aid is applicable to the program, but students with financial aid should consult directly with the Director of Financial Aid. Courses taken in Budapest appear on the student's transcript, but grades do not count toward the student's grade point average. Only courses receiving a grade of C or above will receive Wooster credit.