Middle Eastern and North African Studies

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Middle Eastern & North African Studies Minor information

A minor in Middle Eastern & North African Studies consists of 6 courses:

  • One course in each of the three historical periods: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern
  • Three other cross-listed courses
  • Off-campus study: Students are required to complete a one semester study abroad program in an endorsed program, or to participate in a Wooster TREK program in the region. 

Off-Campus Study

The minor in Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Studies requires the completion of one semester study abroad in an endorsed off-campus study program or participation in a Wooster TREK program in the region. Acceptable programs are either Wooster-endorsed semester long programs (currently available in Israel, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia) or regional “Wooster TREK” programs led by Wooster faculty members (current program: Wooster In Israel and Palestine).

Language Study

Language study is strongly recommended and may be pursued either on or off campus. Relevant languages offered on campus are Middle Egyptian, Ancient Greek, and classical Hebrew. Other relevant ancient and modern languages include, but are not limited to, Arabic (all forms), Aramaic, Hebrew (all forms), Farsi, Turkish, and Ugaritic. MENA minors considering off-campus language study should consult a member of the MENA faculty.

Special Notes

  • No more than two language courses may count toward credit in the minor.
  • No more than three off-campus courses may count toward the minor. Approval of the MENA Curriculum Committee is required for all transfer credits.
  • Note to Archaeology, Art History, Classics, English, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies Majors: By College policy, students may double count up to two courses for both for minor and major credit.