Music Scholarship Auditions

Music Scholarships are awarded in music performance and music composition to incoming students on the basis of music performance skills demonstrated at the audition or compositional skills evidenced by written scores. You must audition as an incoming first-year student (transfers are not eligible), and scholarships are available for $2,000-$8,000 per year. Recipients may major in any academic area offered at Wooster. Those auditioning must perform in areas in which the College offers instruction.

Beginning with the first semester of the first year and continuing for as long as the music scholarship is held, recipients must:

  • Enroll in private lessons on the instrument or voice in which the scholarship was awarded or in composition lessons if the scholarship was awarded for composition.
  • Participate in the Wooster Singers, Wooster Chorus, Wooster Symphony Orchestra, Scot Band, or Wooster Jazz Ensemble, as assigned by the ensemble directors. (Depending upon need, pianists might be asked to enroll in Accompanying instead of a large ensemble during some semesters.)
  • Must earn a satisfactory grade (C- or higher) or a satisfactory audit in the required lessons and ensembles each semester in order to maintain the scholarship.

Music Scholarship information and application.

Degree Auditions

Courses in the Department of Music are open to students from all majors. An audition is required of any student wishing to obtain a Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance, Music Education, or Music Therapy. (See specific requirements below.) No audition is necessary for the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree.

For Admission