Piano Proficiency Exam

Given the critical importance of basic piano skills to successful work and study in music, all music majors, regardless of degree program, must also pass a piano proficiency examination. Students who have not yet passed this examination must enroll in Music 18100 and 18200 (Class Piano I and II) or in Music 13200 (applied piano) concurrently with Music 10100 and 10200, respectively. Concurrent enrollment in Music 13200 is required with Music 20100 and 20200 until the proficiency exam is passed. No student will be permitted to enroll in Music 30100 without passing the piano proficiency exam.

The examination includes:

  1. Three prepared selections of at least Grade III level (memorization not required.) A list of representative Grade III pieces may be obtained in the Music Department office.
  2. Sight-reading at Grade II level.
  3. Major and harmonic minor scales, hands together, two octaves in eighth notes at M.M. 92 to the quarter note.

If a student does not pass the entire exam at the end of a semester, he or she may attempt to remedy the deficiencies by the first week of the following semester. If the deficient areas are then still not passed, the student must immediately enroll in Music 13200 and take the entire exam again at the end of that semester.