Successful Graduates

The Religious Studies department generally has between 30-40 majors.  Each year we host a number of functions to bring faculty and students together for discussion, speakers, and research talks.  Our students know one another and the faculty members well.  Because Religious Studies majors are quite diverse in terms of their interests and backgrounds, after graduation they pursue a wide range of careers.  Many of our majors become teachers/professors, political staffers, librarians/archivists, social workers, lawyers, counselors, administrators, pastors/youth leaders, physicians, web page designers.

What follows is a sampling of alumni who have gone on to successful careers with a Religious Studies degree from Wooster:

  • Megan Potts ('04) - Sales Coordinator for the Hyatt Regency in Rochester, NY.
  • Molly Spirer ('04) - Print Media Specialist for Dick's Sporting Goods in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Jeff Binder ('03) - Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry for Presbyterian Church in Lawrenceville, NJ.
  • Marta Zaborowski Ukropina ('03) - Associate Pastor for Trinity Presbyterian Church in Flower Mound, TX.
  • Christian Jureller ('01) - Teacher/Trainer of Conflict Resolution for Peaceful Resolutions for Living in New York.
  • Peter Anderson ('00) - IT Manager for Cuyahoga Community College.