With over 28 million people in the United States who speak Spanish as their first language, and approximately 400 million worldwide, the ability to communicate proficiently in Spanish represents a valuable asset in the work place.

The Language of Cervantes, Anzaldúa, García Márquez, Almodóvar, and Picasso

Knowing a second language stands as an endless source of intellectual stimulation and reveals new cultural horizons that can lead to exciting opportunities for personal growth.

The curriculum of the Department of Spanish is designed to lead students to develop a critical understanding of the Spanish-speaking world through the coordinated study of culture, literature, and linguistics. Spain and Latin America have given the world numerous artists, writers, philosophers, scientists, and leaders who in countless ways have contributed to the advancement of humanity, thus making the study of Spanish a rich and exciting field of academic inquiry. Many of our courses in literature and culture therefore draw from history, philosophy, art, film, and sociology in order to foster a more sophisticated and more nuanced understanding of the core subject matter. Whenever possible, we encourage students to explore interconnections across disciplines as well as develop an understanding of how the knowledge gained through their coursework can be brought to bear on today’s world.

At Wooster, students have numerous opportunities to practice their Spanish outside of the classroom. Every year, the department hosts a language assistant from Spain or Latin America who resides at the Spanish House with a diverse group of majors and non-majors who speak only Spanish. The program of events sponsored by the Spanish House is open to all. The Department of Spanish also hosts film series, meals, lectures and language tables that allow students, staff and faculty to exchange views in an informal atmosphere.

The Department of Spanish offers multiple pathways for students to pursue Spanish, and we help students tailor an individual course of study that fits into the general scope of their academic goals. If you have an adventurous spirit, if you love to read great books, if you enjoy discussing films, if you welcome opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and gain new perspectives, or if you simply love language, then you might do well to consider a major or minor in Spanish.


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