Off-Campus Study

Participation in a study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country is highly recommended for students who major or minor in Spanish. Through immersion in the Hispanic culture you will grow both personally and intellectually and complement your chosen course of study at Wooster. The experience will expand your horizons in ways that are unimaginable.

Spanish students usually study off campus in the fall and/or spring of their junior year. Some also study off campus during their sophomore year if their abilities in written and spoken Spanish are high enough to warrant acceptance into a program. Regardless of when you choose to study in a Spanish-speaking country, you must plan carefully in order to complete all of the College’s graduation requirements in the prescribed four years. Programs endorsed by Wooster automatically transfer credit and financial aid.

For further information on all study abroad options - and for details on the programs as well as college regulations and application procedures - please contact the Office for Off-Campus Study.