General Policies

  • One Advanced Placement credit, whether language or literature, may count toward the major or minor in Spanish as the equivalent of Spanish 201.
  • No more than one Spanish course taught in English may count toward the major or minor.
  • The following courses may not be completed by way of transfer credits: Spanish 270, Spanish 310, the required 300-level literature course, and Junior Seminar.
  • A student may fulfill the Junior Seminar requirement by completing Spanish 310, if not already taken to fulfill the department’s requirements for the major, or an additional 300-level literature course.
  • Spanish 319 (Applied Linguistics) does not fulfill Junior Seminar.
  • Spanish 310 may not count as both the required linguistics course and Junior Seminar.
  • A single 300-level literature course may not count as both the required literature course and Junior Seminar.
  • All courses counting toward the major or minor must be taken for a grade. Only grades of C- and above are accepted for the major or minor.
  • In all cases where there are questions about the requirements for the major or the minor in Spanish, students should consult with the chairperson of the department.