Mask Requirement

Out of an abundance of caution, while we have an influx of people moving back to campus this fall, well-fitting, high quality, masks will be required in all public spaces by all students, employees, and guests from August 17 to August 30. During this period masks are not required when in residence hall rooms or private offices, outdoors, at practice, and when eating in the dining hall. Per the Community Care Agreement signed by all students before selecting a move-in time slot, students will be referred to the College’s conduct process if they are not masked during the mandatory masking period.  

Following this period, face masks may be worn by anyone who wishes to wear a mask. We continue to recommend that unvaccinated persons wear masks while working in a communal setting or attending in-person meetings with others. Faculty members may require masks be worn in their individual classrooms and offices. Masks will continue to be required at the Longbrake Student Wellness Center. Staff may also request masks be worn in their individual offices. Masks and complimentary “masks required” door tags are widely available across campus or you can reach out to wooster-covid-19@wooster.edu.   

All students will receive 10 masks, of their choice, two rapid antigen tests, and an optional “Mask Required” door hanger for their personal use during the first part of the semester.

Correct and consistent use of a well-fitting, high quality mask is the best way to prevent transmission of SARs-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The College of Wooster, continually monitoring the level of community spread, has adopted a responsive mask policy that changes as conditions change on campus and in the greater Wayne County Community. Mask requirements and their duration will be announced through the various communication channels used by the College.

  • The College of Wooster will provide masks, at no cost, to all employees and contracted employees.
  • Unless specified in the current masking guidelines individuals will have an option to wear a Armburst Surgical Mask, KF94 AirQueen, KN95 Mask, or their own mask. Cloth face coverings should not be used on campus.

All COVID-19 related questions may be directed to wooster-covid-19@wooster.edu.