Vaccination Guidelines

The College of Wooster is committed to operating our campus safely and to providing excellent campus and educational experiences.  Throughout the pandemic, our decisions about how to achieve this have been guided by the best public health expertise, and we have evolved and adapted our plans as the pandemic and the science have evolved. 

Student Vaccination Policy

All College of Wooster Students are required to be up to date with their COVID-19 vaccination unless they have received a medical or religious/moral exemption. Students who become eligible for a vaccine booster during the academic year have two weeks past their eligibly date to receive the booster and report it via the Wellness Center Portal.

  • Up to date: An initial series of a CDC/WHO approved COVID-19 Vaccine and any eligible booster doses
    • Currently the CDC recommends that individuals 11-50 receive an initial series of an approved vaccine and 1 additional booster.
    • If you have not already done so, please report your vaccination status using the Student Wellness Vaccination Portal prior to arrival on campus.
  • The College of Wooster will provide, periodically, the opportunity for students to receive the most current COVID-19 vaccination on campus.
  • Students should have their CDC or WHO vaccination card with them on campus.

Employee Vaccination Policy

The College of Wooster strongly encourages employees and contracted employees to receive their COVID-19 vaccination and receive booster immunizations as recommended by the CDC, Ohio Department of Health and Wayne County Health Department to help protect the campus against new variants of the coronavirus. Employees, please make sure to update your vaccination status under “Vaccination Information” in Scot Web

  • All Employees and Contracted Employees of The College of Wooster must self-report their vaccination status at the beginning of each semester via Scot Web.
    • New employees / contracted employees must report their vaccination status on their first day of employment.
  • The College of Wooster will provide, periodically, the opportunity for employees to receive the most current COVID-19 vaccination on campus as part of their workday.

All Covid related questions can be directed to wooster-covid-19@wooster.edu.

Reporting Your COVID Vaccine and Booster Vaccine

Fully vaccinated students should submit their COVID vaccine record information prior to their arrival to campus or by February 1, 2022.

First, log in to WebAdvisor (https://scotweb.wooster.edu)

Under “Vaccination Information,” select the link “Covid Vaccination Information.”

From the information on your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, or other vaccination record enter:

  1. Which vaccine you received (select it from the pull-down options)
  2. The information for your CURRENT booster vaccine in the fields under “Current Booster” (our application shows your initial vaccine information and previous booster vaccine, if any)

Check your information carefully, then click “Submit” button.

screenshot showing how to input covid-19 vaccine information

You will then see a screen asking you to confirm the information is correct.

*If you do not have a lot number on your card, please take a photo of your official vaccine certificate and send the image to contact-tracing@wooster.edu.

All World-Health Organization-approved vaccines meet the College’s vaccine requirement. (Currently listed vaccines are Astrazeneca, Sinopharm, Sinovac/Coronavac, Pfizer/BioNTech, Serum Institute of India, Moderna and Janssen/Johnson&Johnson.)  We will assist international students who cannot obtain access to an approved COVID vaccine before arrival in the United States with getting vaccinated on arrival in Wooster.

Staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.  Staff and faculty may submit immunization records here.  Some college activity may be restricted to vaccinated employees only.

Requirements are subject to change as we follow the CDC’s recommendations.

Applications for Exemption

The COVID-19 immunization requirement is in place to protect the health and safety of our community. The deadline to file a request for vaccine exemption has expired. If you have questions, please email vaccine-exempt@wooster.edu.

Students who are not fully vaccinated

Students who are not fully vaccinated (students who have an approved exemption, or international students who did not have access to vaccine prior to arrival) will still be able to participate in campus activities.  However, they will be required to follow current public health protocols for unvaccinated people living in a congregate setting.  At present, those protocols include wearing masks indoors when with those outside your household, social distancing, regular COVID-screening testing, and quarantining if exposed to COVID.   Depending on CDC guidance when the fall semester begins, there may also be other limitations for unvaccinated individuals.

Note that students who have not been fully-vaccinated may be excluded from class and residence halls if an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease occurs on campus.

Faculty and Staff Reporting Outside Test Results

Where do faculty and staff report COVID exposure or a positive COVID test taken off campus?

If you are a member of the faculty or staff at The College of Wooster and have been exposed to COVID or have received a positive test result from testing off-campus, please fill out this form. Your results will be forwarded to Wooster’s testing team. If your results are negative you do not need to take any further action beyond completing the form. If your results are positive, someone from Contact Tracing will be in touch to discuss next steps.