Academic Support Information

All of Wooster’s academic support services are available to you at a distance through online consultations.

Learning Center

How do I receive academic accommodations when learning at a distance?

If you are currently receiving academic accommodations are encouraged to contact the Director of the Learning Center, Amber Larson, at to discuss academic accommodations as we shift to remote teaching and learning. You can also book an appointment with Amber.

How do I receive support from the Learning Center?

Contact any staff member Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 4:30 PM EST. All appointments will be held via Microsoft Teams, phone or email.

If you cannot find a time that works for you, please contact staff via email.

How do I receive English Language Learning (ELL) support when learning at a distance?

Set up an appointment. You'll be able to receive written feedback via email as well as have virtual meetings with ELL staff. If you would like to consult on the best way for you to receive ELL support, please contact Carla Reyes at All appointments will be held during EST.

Can I still receive peer tutoring? Can I still be a peer tutor?

We are working on ways for peer tutors and tutees to still receive and give this tutoring support for classes. You will be contacted individually if you would still like to participate in peer tutoring. If you have concerns, please contact Amber Larson.

Career Planning

The entire Career Planning team will be working from home for the rest of the semester. 

Career Advising Sessions

We will continue to offer individual advising appointments to be scheduled through Handshake and offered through the Microsoft Teams platform.  Please download Teams onto your laptop before your scheduled appointment.  Career Planning advisors will initiate the video conferencing advising call on the day of your appointment.  Remember Wooster is in the Eastern Standard Time zone.

Career Planning Website

If you haven’t discovered the tools on the Career Planning website, now is the time to do so.

Career Planning Communications

We will be messaging students throughout the rest of the semester through email groups.  We will share select resources and tools with you in these emails that will help you navigate next steps and offer suggestions relevant to employment, graduate school and other career-related issues. The best way to communicate with us is to use the following email:  This will be monitored daily.  Please be patient as we do our best to answer your questions in a timely way. 

APEX Fellowships & For-Credit Internships

I have been awarded an APEX Fellowship for summer 2020. Will I still be able to complete my APEX Fellowship? Can I still apply for an APEX Fellowship or for-credit internship?

Because the COVID-19 is evolving quickly, we are working with the College Administration to assess College-sponsored summer opportunities, including APEX Fellowships and for-credit internships. However, we encourage students to continue to look for opportunities, and to attend advising sessions: MWF 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and TTh 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. using Microsoft Teams. The link will be posted here on Monday, March 23. For further questions, contact Cathy McConnell.

Global Engagement (Off-campus Study)

We recognize the consequential impact that the COVID-19 outbreak has had on students who were studying off-campus this semester. We also realize that the coronavirus may even be impacting students who were simply thinking that they might want to study off-campus in the future. We hope the following FAQs will provide you with answers and reassurance that we are here to support our students this semester and that off-campus study options will be in place for our younger students.

Is Wooster canceling off-campus study for spring 2020?

Due to the rapid development of COVID-19 as well as travel restrictions related to it, all of the College’s study abroad program partners eventually found it necessary to cancel the programs on which our students were studying. Therefore, the majority of Wooster students studying off-campus have returned to their homes, either in the U.S. or abroad, and plan to complete their coursework online.

If an off-campus program converts to online learning, will Wooster still award them academic credit?

Yes. If an off-campus program moves their courses online, Wooster will accept the credit. We understand that U.S. and foreign institutions have found it necessary to go to online/virtual learning formats to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus. Please be patient as each provider and university may have a different timeline for converting courses to online delivery and, in a few cases, may even find they need to offer a few new course options to replace courses for which online delivery simply wouldn’t work. Watch for updates from your program provider and follow-up promptly to ensure that you stay on track to finish your classes with strong grades.

What steps should students studying off-campus take if they are unable to complete all of their courses online?

If you realize that you won’t be able to complete one or more of the courses in which you were enrolled online or virtually, and other course options are not available, please contact Candace Chenoweth to report your situation. Candace and our academic deans will help find ways to mitigate the negative impact on your semester progress.

I submitted an application for off-campus study to Wooster for this summer and have been accepted by my program. Can I still participate?

We don’t know yet. While off-campus study is an enriching experience for Wooster students, our students’ health and safety is our prime concern. We have pledged to make a determination on the viability of summer off-campus programs the week of April 13, when we will have a better understanding of how program destinations have been impacted by the coronavirus and travel restrictions.

I submitted an application for off-campus study to Wooster for this fall or next spring and have been accepted by my program. Can I still participate?

We certainly hope so, but we can’t guarantee it. As we indicated above, we enthusiastically endorses off-campus study as an enriching experience for Wooster students, but our students’ health and safety remain our primary concerns. Some medical experts are predicting that the virus’ impact will peak and lessen this summer. If that is the case, off-campus programs in certain locations may be deemed safe locations. Please be patient as the situation evolves and, if you have specific questions, contact Candace Chenoweth.

I am considering studying off-campus in a future term and want to meet with someone to talk about it. How can I do that?

Your first step is to talk with a student who has already studied off campus (our peer advisors). We will be setting up a way for you to connect with one of them soon.

Next, meet remotely with one of our two study abroad advisors, and we are set up to do that right now. Who you will talk to depends on the area of study you with to focus on while studying off-campus:

Candace Chenoweth - Students planning to focus on STEM courses while off-campus. Make an appointment with Candace.

Jamie Adler – Students planning to focus on arts, humanities, social sciences, language study, undclared students and/or students interested in the Peace Corps Prep program while off-campus. Make an appointment with Jamie.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center will be connecting with students virtually, and their schedule is available online. Learn more about making virtual appointments.


Zone Interns will hold scheduled open meetings on Microsoft Teams in lieu of their normal Zone office hours. 

  • Students will have access to the meeting via a link, which ideally will be emailed to students in classes, posted on moodle, and also our STEM Zone Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Each meeting will be course specific and will be open to all students in that course.
  • Along with the video, there is a chat space where students can type in their questions. We will encourage them to do this as these chats will be recorded and retained even after the meeting has been closed.

Registrar’s Office

I’m a senior. Will I be able to graduate on time?

Yes. You are still enrolled in your courses. As long as you are enrolled and successfully pass your courses, your graduation date will not change. If you have any questions about your degree progress, please email

Can I still request transcripts?

Yes, transcripts can still be ordered.

Can I drop a course or change a course to the Pass/Fail option without the need to petition?

Yes, you may drop a course or change a course to the Pass/Fail option without the need to petition for the 2019/20 Spring semester. The forms required for either of these options are available here. It is strongly encouraged that you let your academic advisor know of your plans.

Who do I contact if I am having issues registering for classes for the 2020/21 Fall semester?

Please send an email to with any questions or issues regarding on-line course registration for the 2020/21 Fall semester. If you call the Registrar’s Office with registration questions, there may be a delay in response since the office is working remotely. Voicemail is checked twice daily.

Can I still request an enrollment verification?

Yes, we can still process enrollment verifications. Please email with the enrollment verification request. If you need an enrollment verification mailed instead of sent out electronically, please note this in your email. Include all relevant attachments, if applicable, with your email. Enrollment verifications will be mailed out once a week.

Math Center

The Math Center is up and running (virtually) and will be staffed are Monday-Thursday 1-5pm and Sundays 6-10pm EST. Connect to a live tutor during staffed hours by clicking the video icon below the chat box, or just enter a question in the chat box. You can still post a question after hours and someone will respond when the center re-opens. The Math Center is here to help!

Access the virtual Math Center.

Quick Links for scheduling individual appointments

Learning Center
All staff appointments may be made here

Academic advising
Michelle Johnson or Krista Martin
If you cannot find a time that works for you, email Krista or call 330-268-2502.

For all questions please email or visit the Registrar's website for additional information.

Career Planning
Career Planning staff appointments are available through Handshake. Please note: students must have an active Handshake account in order to book appointments. Handshake has easy to follow instructions for account creation.

Global Engagement
Candace Chenoweth
or Jamie Adler

Email Peter Abramo or Marina Rosales

Math and Science Skills Center
Email Ronda Kirsch

Writing Center
All staff appointments may be made here.

Kara Melrose