Questions About Working Remotely

What are the rules?

Your supervisor will still oversee your work and your work should be completed as directed by your supervisor. College and departmental polices and procedures are also still in effect unless otherwise indicated by the President of the College.

You must maintain regular contact with your supervisor and other departmental members as appropriate. You and your supervisor should agree on whether you should forward your phone so you can take calls from home or if the voice mail for your phone can be checked throughout the day remotely. If an out of office message for your email account would be beneficial to those trying to reach you, one should be set up. Make sure, too, that your supervisor knows how to reach you at home, for example, via your cell phone number.

IT Documentation has several resources available to help you.

Do I have to work the same schedule?

Some employees will be able to maintain the same work schedule. Other employees, because of childcare issues or personal and family circumstances, will need to work different hours. Work schedules may also change from week-to-week. Employees should consult their supervisor about the hours that they plan to work from home and maintain regular contact with their supervisor about their work schedules. These employees will still be paid their normal rate of pay for the hours that they normally would work between March 16 and May 16 regardless of the number of hours worked.

If I work from home and one of my co-workers is not able to work at all, why do both of us still get paid? That doesn’t seem fair.

This is a difficult time of adjustment for everyone. We recognize that this may seem like an inequitable policy as some employees may work no hours and some may work a full work week. However, we believe it is the right decision in order to support our employees and their families through this period.